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    Hey Guys I am The_Surge most likely known as surge here on the forums and ingame,
    Before I start my application I would like to give you a little info about myself,
    -I was born In may 7th 2003
    -I am currently 13 almost 14 In may
    -I have suffered from depression and anxiety multiple times,
    -I enjoy playing, Minecraft, call of duty, fallout 4 and overwatch,
    -Traits I have:
    I treat you how you treat me so If your being rude Im not going to sit there and hand you water Im going to ask you to stop or standup for myself,
    I am Resilient I have been use to taking crap from people, and I know what to do In a Situation
    I am an active person.

    What is your current Minecraft username?

    What is your current age?
    13 Turning 14 In may

    What is your rank in-game?
    What server are you applying for [factions/skyblock]?

    Do you have the computer applications 'TeamSpeak' and 'Skype'?
    Yes I do.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?
    2013, June 29th

    How long have you been playing Hyteria?
    For around about three Days.

    Have you ever been a staff member on any other Minecraft server(s)?
    Yes I have Moderated on a server named Mineverse, Mineverse normally hosts anywhere from 80 players to 600 players, If needed I am more than happy to provide evidence of me Moderating on the server.

    Also mainly hosted a variety of Friend or Self owned servers.

    Why do you think you would make a good staff member on Hyteria?

    I Have multiple Server experience any positions going from Owner to Moderator, I know how to Act on a server and Know how to moderate a Server. I am also good with coding plugins and know how to setup permissions, Having Experience Is beneficial to the community as I know how to moderate a server and can easily come In If promoted and Know what to do, I am also going to list some commonly used perms that Moderators/Helpers get to proof that I understand these Things.

    /Mute (player) (Reason) (time)
    /tempban (player) (Reason) (time)
    /kick (player) (reason)

    I am a very approachable, If you have a question or need help I am available always, I have always seemed to back and approachable Having this Trait benefits the community, If I was to be promoted you would always see me Welcoming players and helping them to the best of my abilitys, This Is something That I really love to do and do It all the time there's just something about putting a smile on someones face that really makes me feel good. :)

    With my experience of moderating on a Large server and multiple other small servers, I can say I am Committed. I moderated for over 3 months on a large server, Funny story It Is very well known for the amount of hackers, I couldn't tell you how many times I have been told to Kill myself or For me to be demoted but I stuck through and I believe that experience was very worth while and helped me grow as a person.

    I am very active on Hyteria, Because of my addiction to this server I can tend to be on for around 3 to 6 hours, and most of my time Is spent Either oping my base, welcoming players or helping new Players.

    I believe that I am very mature because of my capability's to bounce back and Approach certain situations with the best Mood, I don't talk back, I don't go all annoying, However I do joke around sometimes but I know when I can Joke around and when I can't joke around.

    Self working
    Whenever told to do something In either my job or In school I don't turn around and ask a question every 5 seconds, I listen the first time to the Job assigned and I do It no Questions asked, This Is a good trait as If instructed to do something I won't stand back and wait for another answer to my 10 questions I will read the assigned Job and do It

    I am very helpful with In the community, When It comes from Welcoming Players to helping players with commands, I know If I was to be promoted It would benefit players, I wouldn't just say Idk and ignore them I know what Im talking about and will easily assist players to the best of my ability's If not I will go to Higher ranked staff members and ask for some advice,

    I am Unique
    I believe that I am a very different person In a good way, Having a different and Unique staff team Is something that interests players because who really wants a robot talking to you? I would prefer to have a Unique fun and laid back person helping me than a robot, I know many more things about Skyblock than many other Applicants do like Plugins, commands Etc, I learnt these things through owning my own Network about 2 years ago I was lucky enough to get 25 Players on at a time with everything setup and handled.

    Forum Moderation
    I am very experienced In Moderating forums since I have ran my own forums anything from enjin to xenforo I know how to moderate and won't need a lesson or any help with understanding the forums.


    Note I would like to inform you that you may probably not see me online as much If you are from the Us Time Zone this is because of my timezone which Is UTC:10:00 I am In Australia Sydney.

    Thank you so much for reading This application If you think there Is anything I should add make sure to Inform me Thanks!​
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    I'd recommend more information :D
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    I added a bit Tell me If you think Its enough I am happy to add more If you want :)
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    I completely disagree with you, I made this application freshly last night by myself and am extremely insulted that you have called me out to copy another application, If you have proper evidence and not just some dodgy website that proves nothing, then please by all means accuse me for It.
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    I've recently been going over this with all applications, It seems to say it about everyone's...
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    Maybe try a new website? I still completely disagreeing with you until you can send me a link to an actual application that I so called copyed, I prefer that Instead of a website that could easily be forged.
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    This just shows that your immature and impatient both a staff member should not hold. -1
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    Its actually bumping an application to the top so players can see this app and so It doesn't get locked away In the other pages.
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    No support -1 Too impatient in trying to "bump" your application to the top.
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    Im am making sure the thread doesn't go dead dude, Please have a more valid point.
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    Copied Application Denied.

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